Business Development & Social Media Workshops

The Click & Mortar Workshops Series: Online and In Person Group Business Development & Social Media Workshops in Ottawa

Savvy business owners know that the online world offers unparalleled opportunity for growth.

Successfully leveraging the power of social media, website development, and online marketing can skyrocket your business to success.

But you’re smart… you probably already knew that.

And you’re also busy.

Sifting through thousands of pages of advice and sales pages to find the ideal strategy for your business isn’t in the cards.

You need bite-sized, high-impact information presented on your level, with the opportunity to practice the skills you learn on your own (limited) time.

The Click and Mortar Business Development & Social Media Workshop Series is your golden ticket.

Upcoming workshop topics include Facebook Marketing, How To Build Your Own Website, Pinterest For Business, Using Youtube For Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Instagram For Business, Writing Content That Sells, and more!

Whether your business is a traditional brick-and-mortar shop, or an entirely online e-commerce endeavour, these strategies will change your business.

Are you ready to learn how to use social media for business?

You’ll attend a two hour workshop over dinner and drinks in the VIP room at Central Bierhaus in Kanata on August 18, 2016 at 6pm, which is recorded and uploaded online so you can go back over it later.

Gourmet sausage flights, crustinis, tarts, and a complimentary drink, all while learning powerful strategies to level up your business - who says multi-tasking is a bad thing?

Practice makes perfect, right?

We sure think so, especially when it comes to learning how to use social media to grow your business!

To make sure all that valuable information is put to good use, you’ll also get an invite to an exclusive Facebook group with:

✓  Challenges to practice your new skills
✓  Support from other members to hold you accountable
✓  Mentors available to help you map out your strategy

No need to take our word for it.

Check out these testimonials from Ottawa based business people who have attended our group or private social media workshops:

Straight Talk - “What’s in it for me?”

In addition to the 2 hour workshop designed to teach you how to leverage social media to grow your business, your $70 ticket includes:


✓  Dinner at Central Bierhaus in Kanata – $35 value
✓  60 minute networking event before the workshop (complimentary drink ticket included!) – $15 value
✓  Access to the recorded workshop (with transcription!) – $30 value
✓   Exclusive invitation to a private Facebook group (with mentors to give you feedback!)
✓  Challenges to help you practice the skills you learn

Meet The Click & Mortar Workshop Hosts

Taylor Stokes

Taylor Stokes - Ottawa Workshops

Taylor is a wicked writer with an appreciation for alliteration and puns. Her background in biology - she earned an honours degree with a focus in genetics from Dalhousie University - gives her a unique no-nonsense approach and an eagle-eye for errors. Her company, Syntactic Content Strategies, pens blogs, articles, letters, business plans and content calendars for clients in a truly eclectic range of industries. When she’s not exclaiming over well-crafted sentences, she enjoys walking her Great Dane, experimenting in the kitchen, and Netflix marathoning with her fiance.

Michelle Weger

Michelle Weger is a website development and online marketing maven. Her company, Outclassed Inc, exploded onto the scene in 2010 and she hasn’t looked back. After 5 years of tremendous growth, she decided to share her knowledge with the wider business community through group workshops. In 2015, she founded Enabled Business Enabled Business as part of a mission to help people with chronic illnesses, disorders, and disabilities to launch and grow their own businesses. Her expertise is sought after by start-ups and corporations alike, and she enjoys the challenge of working with such a variety of clients! Along with writing code and tweaking SEO, Michelle also enjoys attending football games, lounging with her Great Dane, and driving fast cars.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram - Oh My!

Delving into topics relating to what your business should doing, when you should be doing it, and HOW to make it happen on the most popular social media platforms.

✓  “What the heck is a page/profile?!” - Key Vocabulary for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

✓  “Which social medias should I use?” – How to Choose Which Platform to Spend Your Time Using

✓  “Do I really need a different profile for my business?” – How (and why!) to Keep Things Separate

✓  “Do fonts and colours really matter?” - Branding 101

 “Do I really need to plan my social media content?” - Creating a Content Calendar

✓  “When should I post, and how often?” - Optimizing Timing on Social Media

✓  “You posted what?!?” - What NOT to Do

Don’t hesitate to claim your spot!

In addition to the $80 in bonuses described above, early bird purchasers (prior to August 5th 2016) will receive a special bonus from your workshop hosts! Choose from half an hour of editing from Syntactic Content Strategies, or a social media strategy session from Outclassed Inc - a $70 value on it’s own!

Only 40 22 spots remain for this special networking, dinner, and workshop event on August 18th 2016!

Can't make the August 18th Click & Mortar Business Series workshop on Social Media Marketing For Business?

Fret not!

We are opening the networking portion of the event to a handful of extra guests.

Join the workshop attendees on August 18th 2016 at 6pm for an hour of networking in the VIP room at Central Bierhaus in Kanata. This 60 minute meet and greet is designed to be a speed dating style event for entrepreneurs to get to know each other, learn more about their businesses, and exchange contact information with dozens of other local entrepreneurs.

Complimentary drink included!


Tune into the workshop online and reap all the bonuses that are included for the in person workshop attendees.

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